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::telling the story--part 8::

Our album "Love & Family" is ordered in such a way as to tell a story about our life together as a family.  This series of blog posts will serve as a catalyst for telling that story so that you can see what is behind each song that we wrote.  Don't forget--you can order our album here:

"Prayer for Isaiah"
words & music by Glenna Marshall

When Isaiah was learning to walk and discovering the freedom of roaming around the house on his own, he used to crawl under the piano while I played.  I loved it.  And I so wish I had had someone take a picture of it.  I'd be sitting on the bench, writing and playing new songs, and there he'd be--sitting under the piano, listening and playing with stacking cups or blocks.  It is a memory I will always I treasure.

One day I was sitting at the keys, working out a new melody and I looked up to see him watching me. His big brown eyes were wide and bright and they just seemed...I don't know--full of possibilities.  Everything was new to him--a mystery to be discovered.

The world is in your eyes, all is fresh and new
You take me by surprise, uncomplicated you

I thought about all the things I wanted for him in life...the dreams that parents have for their kids.  And it's true a lot of those dreams coincide with what most parents want for their kids: health, a happy childhood, success in school, happiness, friendships, a good marriage, a great career, etc.  But when it comes down to it, there is one big important thing I desperately want for Isaiah--more than I want all of those other things, which aren't bad things, at all--don't misunderstand.  And, believe me, I know how counter-cultural the following statement is: there is one thing that trumps even plain old, basic happiness--because I don't think happiness is truly attainable without this one thing.   
Or one person, to be more accurate.

There is much that I desire though some would be unsure
Success does not appear in this my prayer for you 

Here is what I want for Isaiah, and for any other child the Lord chooses to bless us with:  A life devoted to loving and following Christ.  

Happiness and success are secondary things, and honestly,  true lasting joy (which is better than happiness) is found in Christ alone--in a soft, transformed heart that seeks Him first and obeys His voice.
Be broken, humble, set apart, fear the Lord with all your heart
Of flesh instead of stone, be rich in faith instead of gold
Be known by love and obedience
Boast in Christ and not in man
Seeking first the Kingdom
With God's precious Words always on you tongue

 All of the other stuff--friendships, abilities, gifts, career, marriage--they're not things we need to obsess over.  Seeking first the kingdom of God will assure that all the things we need in this life (but that we are not to worry over) will be added to us as we need them.  God is not blind to our needs.   He gives generously!  Never begrudgingly.  He is the kindest of parents, the Father who absolutely does what is best for His children.  So I want to model my parenting after Him.  It's a weighty, heavy burden, this parenting thing.  Our kids are entrusted to us for such a short time.

The burden is not light; I feel its heaviness
But to shepherd you, my child, it is my privilege

Though I'm weak and do not know all you need to help you grow

If I can faithfully teach my kids about the beauty of redemption in Christ, then I have not failed them as a parent (you moms can relate--we constantly feel like failures!).  Our children may not choose a career that I would expect, or a college that I can afford, or a passion for something that I am passionate about.
But if they follow Jesus with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength, then what more in the world could I ask for?  Following Christ is enough.  All that other stuff falls into place with a person who is seeking the Lord and His wisdom.  God will have a vessel to use for His purposes.  I know the joy that is found in being such a vessel. 
It's enough if all you seek is the Savior who makes me complete

Only five years into this parenting thing, I know how challenging it can be.   Let me tell you, it has driven me to my knees daily.   The responsibility is overwhelming to me sometimes.  I can't believe that I am responsible to raise this gift from the Lord.  That's usually when the Lord reminds me that Isaiah is His, not mine.  That I have been entrusted with him, to be a compass that points him to Jesus, the Savior that he needs.   Even as I write that last sentence, the magnitude of it rests heavily upon my shoulders.

I look around our world and too many people are focused solely on making their kids happy.  Happiness....whatever that means outside of Christ is not what I want for my children.  I want redemption of their souls, reconciliation to God, and soft hearts that are formed by Him and His Word--hearts that serve and love and give out the Gospel to others.  Holiness is probably a better term.
Happiness is overstated, holiness far underrated
It's enough if all you seek is the Savior who makes me complete

Jesus is enough.
For my son.
And for me.  

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erin said...

This post made me teary-eyed. I have listened to this song a lot and prayed the words as a prayer for Charlotte. It has been such a good reminder for me of what is truly important for her life.