Wednesday, February 01, 2012

::biometrics appointment overview::

 Well.  It has been a busy couple of days of gathering up the last of our dossier paperwork and tying up as many loose ends as possible.  I've had a harried, rushed headachey feel from staring at the computer screen and mounds of paperwork for the last couple days.  (Yes, I am wearing a cheesy Valentine's t-shirt that says "I Love My Hubby.  You know you love it.)
 (This is supposed to be a picture wherein you notice how many piles of papers are lying on the table, thus invoking your pity for me.  It didn't work?  Oh.)

We had our appointment at USCIS St. Louis at the Federal Building this morning at 8 a.m.  Eight. A.M.  Downtown St. Louis.   We didn't have any control over this, so we just had to get there.  Thankfully, a friend from church offered up her parents' home as a place for us to crash the night before.  Another sweet family from church kept our son overnight so we could make this quick trip without having to entertain a 3 year old.  How thankful we are for folks who are, in their own particular ways and giftings, helping us along this path towards Ethiopia! 
We got up plenty early to make the drive in from Wildwood where we stayed into downtown, but we did have some frantic moments in St. Louis rush hour traffic. (We have lived in a small town for too long.)  We were also worried about getting to our appointment late.  The notice we received from the Department of Homeland Security (intimidating!!) says to show up when they tell you.  If you miss it, your application for immigration (I-600A) is considered abandoned.  This is a $1K application.  We were a little nervous when we got stuck in traffic, but we ended up at the USCIS biometrics office about ten minutes before they even opened.  We were seen quickly and treated kindly.  The nice ladies even told us that had we been late, they would have gladly worked us in since we were coming from so far.  :)

We were done by 8:45, and that's only because yours truly has such dry, cracked, old woman hands this time of year that my prints weren't coming up well on the scanner.  Next time, I will moisturize a LOT in the days preceding my appointment.  :) 

Our trusty guide. 
Who has an English accent. 
Because who doesn't listen when a computer with an English accent tells you where to go?

The federal building was all big and scary and official with its metal detectors and armed guards.  I get nervous in places like this.  Like, airports. And that time I had federal court jury duty. 
I'm so afraid I'm going to get into trouble. 
When the guard asked me if I was wearing a belt after the detector thing screeched at me, I said, "Um, no," only after I looked down at my waist.  What?!?  I never wear a belt.  I'm not even sure I own one.  Idiot.
But...all went well.  We got our form stamped and made it out quickly.

 We're done!  Yay!
Now.  Find me some coffee.  Because I am definitely as tired as  I look here.

(This guy is HOT.)
We stumbled upon City Coffeehouse and Creperie.  Good coffee (Green Mountain--a favorite!) and a fabulous freshly made crepe filled with...NUTELLA. 
That's it.
I quit. 
No more dieting.
No more exercising. 
Just me and Nutella filled crepes from now on. 

We made a stop for our first time to Trader Joe's.  (I know.  We live under a rock.)  But, we made a couple of purchases including:

Seemed appropriate.  :)

And then we stopped in Jackson, MO, to pick up this precious little man whom we missed very much. 
Doll baby.

SO! What we do now is:
*Finish last two pieces of paperwork and get them notarized
*Have doctor's office redo our medical clearance (which expired....)
*Wait for State Certificed documents to come back from Secretary of State's Office
*Wait for USCIS to finish processing our I-600A and send us the form we need for our dossier (could  
    take a month)
*Copy everything twice.
*Check two dozen times to make sure we've finished it all.


Chris Veteto said...


SOOOOOO glad that's over. We're one step closer; loving it! By the way, while I totally agree that Isaiah is a doll baby, I didn't get the "This guy is hot" thing at all. lol


Cathie said...'re one step closer! Love watching your journey as it helps me know what's in store for us! (We're still trying to get everything in order for our home study!) Praying for your hearts as you wait!

BumbersBumblings said...

So glad it all went so smoothly!!

Haynes said...

I used to follow you on Xangababydreams_06, can't believe how much your little man has grown. i will now try to keep up through here glad it is all going smoothly on the next adoption.